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Essas são as Ofertas Deals with Gold até 22 de Maio.

Todos os preços abaixo são para assinantes Gold. Preços e jogos estão sujeitos a alterações, confira regularmente este post para visualizar atualizações.

Esta semana os jogos de Xbox 360 são todos retrocompatíveis!

Para Xbox One:

Xbox 360:

NomeLive BRLive USA%RetroDLC
3D Ultra Minigolf$ 2,9940%S
A Kingdom for KeflingsR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
A World of KeflingsR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Age of Booty$ 1,2475%S
Alan Wake’s American NightmareR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Alaskan Adventures$ 9,9950%S
Alice: Madness ReturnsR$ 14,75$ 4,99%S
Alien Hominid HDR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Anomaly Warzone EarthR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Aqua$ 1,2475%S
ARKANOID Live!$ 2,4975%S
Army of TwoR$ 26,07$ 4,9467%S
Assassin’s CreedR$ 14,75$ 4,9975%S
Assassin’s Creed IIR$ 22,77$ 6,5967%S
Assassin’s Creed RevelationsR$ 26,07$ 6,5967%S
Assassin’s Creed RogueR$ 42,57$ 9,8967%S
Assault Heroes 2$ 2,9940%S
Astropop$ 2,4975%S
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts n BoltsR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Banjo-KazooieR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Banjo-TooieR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
BattleBlock TheaterR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Battlefield: Bad Company 2R$ 14,75$ 4,9975%S
Battlestations: Midway$ 4,9975%S
Bejeweled 2$ 2,4950%S
Bejeweled 3R$ 15,00$ 2,4950%S
Bellator: MMA OnslaughtR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
Beyond Good & Evil HDR$ 6,60$ 3,2967%S
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2$ 3,7475%S
BioShockR$ 19,50$ 9,9950%S
BioShock 2R$ 29,50$ 9,9950%S
BioShock InfiniteR$ 62,65$ 10,4965%S
BioShock Infinite Season PassR$ 19,50$ 9,9950%SDLC
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of
Rhythm Alien
$ 3,7475%S
Blood Knights$ 2,4975%S
Blood of the Werewolf$ 1,7475%S
BloodRayne: Betrayal$ 3,2967%S
Blue DragonR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Bomberman Battlefest$ 2,4975%S
Boom Boom Rocket$ 3,2967%S
BorderlandsR$ 59,50$ 9,9950%S
Borderlands 2R$ 44,50$ 9,9950%S
Borderlands 2 Season PassR$ 18,00$ 8,9970%SDLC
Bound by Flame$ 4,9975%S
Braid$ 2,4975%S
Bully Scholarship Ed.R$ 24,50$ 7,4950%S
Burnout ParadiseR$ 19,47$ 4,9467%S
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013$ 14,9950%S
Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures$ 9,9950%S
Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions$ 14,9950%S
Cabela’s Survival: SoK$ 14,9950%S
Call of Duty 2R$ 34,50$ 9,9950%S
Call of Duty 3R$ 34,50$ 9,9950%S
Call of Duty: Black OpsR$ 74,50$ 14,9950%S
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIR$ 79,60$ 19,9960%S
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season PassR$ 60,00$ 29,9940%SDLC
Call of Duty: World at WarR$ 44,50$ 9,9950%S
Call of Juarez GunslingerR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Carcassonne$ 4,9950%S
Cars 2: The Video GameR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Castle CrashersR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
CastleStormR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night$ 2,4975%S
CatherineR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Centipede & Millipede$ 0,9975%S
Civilization RevolutionR$ 19,75$ 7,4975%S
Comic JumperR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Commanders: Attack$ 2,9940%S
Crystal Quest$ 1,2475%S
Dark VoidR$ 14,75$ 3,7575%S
de Blob 2R$ 10,35$ 2,9985%S
Dead SpaceR$ 26,07$ 4,9467%S
Dead Space 2R$ 33,00$ 6,5967%S
Dead Space 3R$ 33,00$ 6,5967%S
Dead Space IgnitionR$ 5,00$ 2,4950%S
Deadliest Warrior: Legends$ 2,4975%S
DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue$ 3,7475%S
Destiny: The Taken KingR$ 39,50$ 9,9950%*DLC
Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s
R$ 74,50$ 19,9950%*jogo + DLC
Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary EditionR$ 59,50$ 14,9950%*jogo + DLC
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Discs Of Tron$ 1,2475%S
Domino Master$ 1,2475%S
DOOMR$ 3,00$ 2,4950%S
DOOM IIR$ 5,00$ 2,4950%S
Double Dragon Neon$ 3,2967%S
Dragon Age: Origins$ 4,9467%S
Dragon’s LairR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Dungeon Siege III$ 3,7475%S
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Earthworm Jim HD$ 2,4975%S
Eat Lead$ 3,7475%S
EnclevermentExperiment$ 2,4975%S
Escape Dead IslandR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Every Extend Extra Extreme$ 2,4975%S
Fable IIR$ 17,25$ 4,99%S
Fable IIIR$ 17,25$ 4,99%S
Faery: Legends of Avalon$ 1,8775%S
Fallout 3R$ 22,77$ 4,9467%S
Fallout: New VegasR$ 9,57$ 4,9467%S
Far Cry 3R$ 31,60$ 7,9960%S
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonR$ 9,90$ 4,9467%S
Feeding Frenzy$ 2,4950%S
Feeding Frenzy 2$ 2,4950%S
Final Fight: Double Impact$ 2,4975%S
FlashbackR$ 6,60$ 3,2967%S
FLOCK!$ 3,7475%S
Foul PlayR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
FunTown Mahjong$ 2,4975%S
Gatling Gears$ 2,4975%S
Gears of WarR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Gears of War 2R$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection$ 2,4975%S
Gears of War 3R$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Gears of War 3 Season PassR$ 15,00$ 7,4975%SDLC
Gears of War: JudgmentR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Geometry Wars Evolved$ 1,2475%S
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2$ 4,9950%S
GhostbustersR$ 7,25$ 3,7475%S
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime$ 1,2475%S
Gin Rummy$ 2,9940%S
Go! Go! Break Steady$ 2,4975%S
Golf: Tee It Up!$ 2,9940%S
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay TonyR$ 20,00$ 9,9950%S
GRID 2R$ 19,75$ 6,2475%S
GripShift$ 2,4975%S
GTA IVR$ 39,50$ 9,9950%S
GTA IV: The Lost and Damned$ 9,9950%S
Guwange$ 2,4975%S
HALF-MINUTE HERO -Super Mega Neo Climax-R$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Hardwood Backgammon$ 1,2475%S
Hardwood Hearts$ 1,2475%S
Hardwood SpadesR$ 2,50$ 1,2475%S
Haunted House$ 1,2475%S
Heavy WeaponR$ 12,87$ 3,2967%S
Hexic 2$ 2,4975%S
Hitman: AbsolutionR$ 9,75$ 4,9975%S
Hydro ThunderR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
I Am AliveR$ 9,90$ 4,9467%S
Ikaruga$ 2,4975%S
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Interpol$ 1,2475%S
Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad$ 2,4975%S
Jetpac Refuelled$ 1,2475%S
Joe Danger 2: The MovieR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Joe Danger Special EditionR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
Joust$ 2,4950%S
Joy Ride TurboR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
JUJUR$ 7,25$ 3,7475%S
Jurassic Park: The Game$ 4,9975%S
Just Cause 2R$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
KameoR$ 12,25$ 2,4975%S
Kane & Lynch 2R$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Killer is Dead$ 4,9975%S
Lazy Raiders$ 2,4975%S
Left 4 Dead$ 4,9975%S
Left 4 Dead 2$ 4,9975%S
LEGO BatmanR$ 19,50$ 9,9950%S
LEGO Indiana Jones$ 4,9975%S
LEGO Piratas do CaribeR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
LimboR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
Lode Runner$ 2,4975%S
Lost OdysseyR$ 19,75$ 6,2475%S
Luxor 2$ 2,4975%S
Mad Tracks$ 2,4975%S
Mass EffectR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Medal of Honor Airborne$ 4,9467%S
Meet the Robinsons$ 4,9975%S
Metal Slug 3$ 2,4975%S
Metal Slug XX$ 3,7475%S
Midway Arcade OriginsR$ 19,50$ 9,9950%S
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes$ 3,7475%S
Military Madness$ 2,4975%S
Mirror’s EdgeR$ 26,07$ 4,9467%S
Missile Command$ 0,7475%S
Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine$ 4,9467%S
Monday Night CombatR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s
R$ 12,25$ 2,4975%S
Monkey Island: SER$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
MONOPOLY PLUSR$ 9,50$ 4,9950%S
Ms. Splosion ManR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Mutant Blobs Attack$ 1,9975%S
Mutant Storm Empire$ 2,4975%S
MX vs ATV ReflexR$ 8,89$ 2,9990%S
NBA JAM: On Fire Edition$ 3,2967%S
NIN2-JUMP$ 1,2475%S
Oblivion$ 4,9467%S
Omega Five$ 2,4975%S
OutlandR$ 6,27$ 3,2967%S
PeggleR$ 15,00$ 2,4950%S
Perfect Dark$ 2,4975%S
Perfect Dark ZeroR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds$ 2,4975%S
Planets Under Attack$ 3,7475%S
Plants vs. ZombiesR$ 14,00$ 2,4950%S
Portal 2R$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Portal: Still AliveR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Prince of Persia Classic$ 3,2967%S
Putty Squad$ 3,2475%S
Puzzle Quest 2$ 3,7475%S
Puzzle Quest Galactrix$ 3,7475%S
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords –
Revenge of the Plague Lord
$ 2,4975%SDLC
QIX++$ 2,4975%S
R-Type Dimensions$ 2,4975%S
RageR$ 19,47$ 4,9467%S
Rainbow Six VegasR$ 9,57$ 6,5967%S
Rainbow Six Vegas 2R$ 26,07$ 6,5967%S
Rayman 3 HDR$ 6,60$ 3,2967%S
Rayman LegendsR$ 19,47$ 6,5967%S
Rayman OriginsR$ 19,47$ 4,9467%S
Red Dead RedemptionR$ 35,60$ 11,9960%S
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare PackR$ 10,00$ 4,9950%SDLC
Red Faction: Battlegrounds$ 2,4975%S
Sacred 3R$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Sacred CitadelR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
Saints Row IVR$ 24,75$ 8,7475%S
Sam&Max Beyond Time…$ 2,4975%S
Sam&Max Save the World$ 2,4975%S
Samurai Shodown II$ 2,4975%S
Scrap Metal$ 3,7475%S
Shadow ComplexR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Shadowrun$ 3,7475%S
Shadows of the DamnedR$ 14,75$ 4,9975%S
Shank 2$ 3,2967%S
Shotest Shogi$ 2,4975%S
Shred Nebula$ 1,2475%S
Skate 3R$ 19,75$ 4,9975%S
SkullgirlsR$ 4,75$ 2,4975%S
Skydive$ 1,7475%S
Small ArmsR$ 2,50$ 1,2475%S
Soltrio Solitaire$ 2,4975%S
South Park: The Stick of TruthR$ 39,60$ 7,9960%S
Space Ark$ 2,4975%S
Space Giraffe$ 1,2475%S
SpelunkyR$ 7,25$ 3,7475%S
Splosion ManR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
SSXR$ 19,47$ 4,9467%S
Stacking$ 3,7475%S
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
Strania$ 2,4975%S
Street Fighter IVR$ 69,30$ 13,9930%S
Stuntman: Ignition$ 3,7475%S
Super Meat BoyR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Supreme Commander 2R$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Texas Hold ’emR$ 2,50$ 1,2475%S
The MawR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
The Orange BoxR$ 17,25$ 4,9975%S
The SplattersR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
The Witcher 2R$ 22,25$ 4,9975%S
Ticket to RideR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
TimeShift$ 14,9950%S
TorchlightR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Tour de France 2009$ 1,2475%S
Tower Bloxx Deluxe$ 2,4975%S
Toy SoldiersR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Toy Soldiers: Cold WarR$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Toy Story 3R$ 19,70$ 4,9975%S
Trials HDR$ 5,00$ 2,4975%S
Triggerheart Exelica$ 2,4975%S
Trine 2R$ 7,50$ 3,7475%S
Tron: EvolutionR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon$ 1,2475%S
Unbound Saga$ 2,4975%S
Viva Piñata$ 3,7475%S
Viva Piñata: Trouble in ParadiseR$ 14,75$ 3,7475%S
Wolfenstein 3D$ 2,4950%S
Word Puzzle$ 2,4975%S
Worms 2: ArmageddonR$ 2,50$ 1,2475%*
XCOM: Enemy WithinR$ 44,75$ 9,9975%S
Zuma$ 2,4950%S
Zuma’s Revenge!R$ 10,00$ 2,4950%S

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